Cicchillitti & Cowan Play The Turing Test by Alex Burtzos

Canadian guitarists Adam Cicchillitti and Steve Cowan perform The Turing Test (2019) by Alex Burtzos (b.1985) for two amplified guitars, fixed media electronics and GuitarAMI. Premiered at the 21st Century Guitar conference. GuitarAMI: 21st Century Augmented Guitars: A project proposed by Edu Meneses, Researcher / Instrument Designer. “The GuitarAMI uses sensors installed non-invasively in classical guitars to generate data from gestures that control algorithms to overcome these limitations, providing new possibilities of expression for the performer.” You can read more about the GuitarAMI here. Excellent project with some fantastic playing by Cicchillitti & Cowan. Great orchestration in the composition by Burtzos. Despite all the amazing electronics, devices, and coding involved, the guitar comes out very nicely and interacts well with media part.

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  1. Wow! Excellent! Incredibly creative and skillfully executed! Love it! Of course, I’m a jazz guitarist, so that may explain a little of my delight! They need a YouTube Channel! Would love to hear more of them!