Cicchillitti and Deutsch Play Armstrong

Canadian guitarist Adam Cicchillitti and flautist Lara Deutsch perform Vistas by Canadian composer John Gordon Armstrong. The movements and times are Horizon (0:00); Dance of the Shadows (5:18); Sunset (8:24). This comes via Cicchillitti’s YouTube channel and their new album titled Wanderlust available via Leaf Music.

Great performance and composition filled with a variety of interesting motifs and textures. Check out the info below or more via his YouTube description:

Though Vistas is the only work on this album without clear ties to folk music, its title and varying moods are evocative of our wanderlust. Its three movements depict an adventure: a calm awakening at sunrise, the awe and stillness of a sunset, and the thrill of exploration in between. The first movement, “Horizon” opens with quiet flourishes of improvised harmonies and ornaments in the guitar, while the flute rouses with long sustained melodies above. Together, the musicians rise to a climax as the sun reaches over the horizon. The playful and virtuosic second movement, “Dance of the Shadows,” features a kind of musical chase between the two instruments and incorporates elements of rock and blues in the guitar writing. The final movement, “Sunset,” slowly unfolds as the sun returns to the horizon, setting into the night before beginning its cycle anew. 

via Cicchillitti’s YouTube

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