Adam Cicchillitti Plays Study No.1 by Phil Parker

Canadian guitarist Adam Cicchillitti performs Study No.1 by Irish composer Phil Parker. This comes via Cicchillitti’s YouTube channel. Nice to hear all the new music on Cicchillitti’s channel and great playing as usual. Here’s what he mentions in his YouTube description:

Study 1,” by Phil Parker. The fourth video of six new pieces that I workshopped with the Irish Composers’ Collective is a virtuosic study of polyrhythms between the basses, played by the right hand thumb, and the trebles, played by the remaining right hand fingers. Though the piece is quite idiomatic for the guitar, it has been an incredible challenge to put together. Needless to say, it is a study that has helped pushed my technique to a new level, and I adore the spooky harmonic language, the dissonant and crunchy chords, and the rhythmic drive. Thank you Phil!

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