Arturo Parra – Terra Incognita

Arturo Parra

Arturo Parra, guitarist and composer
Terra Incognita
Seven sound portraits
November 2013

Made in Canada

Artist Website: Arturo Parra
Label Website: La Grenouille Hirsute

Columbian born but Canadian based guitarist and composer Arturo Parra released this gem last year November. You can listen to samples or buy it via his bandcamp: As the composer states, “Terra Incognita is composed of seven sound portraits, pieces I wrote at the request of their subjects after spending time with them, listening to them, watching a few moments in their lives take place.” Mixing various influences ranging from Schubert to Brahms to Columbian popular dances, Parra’s scope is expansive and broad but very listenable. You can take a listen to the video below to get an idea of the musical style. I actually quite enjoy these types of albums that evoke a mood rather than mash up a bunch of random classical guitar composers. Enjoyable for general listeners and guitarists alike. Great recording quality and playing throughout. Bravo to Catherine Ego and La Grenouille Hirsute (Shaggy Frog Productions) for the quality recording and fantastic promotional materials too. Keep an eye on them for future releases.

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