Le Support for Classical Guitar

Review of Le Support for Classical Guitar
A full demo and review of an excellent new support for classical guitar.

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Big thanks to Le Support and Thomas Viloteau for sending me their new guitar support to try out and review. Knowing this support was designed by one of the world’s greatest guitarists, I already knew I had to give it a try. This back mounted support offers a very wide range of leg contact and adjustability making it one of the most stable and comfortable supports. I was skeptical of the size and the optional strap but I’m completely won over. I’m using the professional line model in the video but they also have the Etude model that uses thinner material and no strap option. Here’s my YouTube review link if you want to watch it there.

Quick Summary

Le Support is the most secure and comfortable feeling classical guitar support I’ve tried. The combination of non-slip contact on both legs and the weight of the support results in a very stable and secure feeling while playing. My guitar stays exactly where I position it and I can even be completely hands-free. It might be larger than some people want but after two weeks of using it I can’t go back to other supports. I’ll be using Le Support in all my future videos and live performances.

Thomas Viloteau – History and Demo

The Good Stuff

  • Non-slip contact on both legs
  • Hands-free guitar position
  • The foam-rubber leg material is comfortable and does a nice job of not slipping
  • The weight of the support, which I didn’t like at first, actually centres its gravity downward between the legs making the guitar really hold its position. I love it now.
  • Simple but elegant design
  • Gentle curvature and angles make it comfortable on the legs. I don’t like how some supports hug my leg and inner thigh so much, this is much better.
  • Easy and quick to put on the guitar and adjust once you’ve used it for awhile. At first it takes time to find the right angle and memorize how it looks on your guitar.
  • The strap is great. I was so skeptical but it’s amazing for some situations where ultimate security is needed.
  • Multiple colours available


  • It’s large. But it feels great so I accept it. More on this below in the Extra Thoughts section.
  • For an extremely small percentage of people it might not position the way they want. But that is true of any support. I’m very small and like my small scale guitar super high and over to the right so I consider myself to be an extreme example but it does work for me. See the video for clarification. I think it would work for almost everybody but thought I’d mention it.
  • The suction cups have never come off for me but depending on your guitar’s finish that will always be a concern.


I feel Le Support is very unique in its conceptual design because of the contact on both legs, hands-free positioning from the size and shape, and the optional strap. Since the materials that are used and back mounted suction cups, many people will compare it to the GuitarLift but I consider this to be quite unique and different in usability and design. If you try it out you’ll find that it feels very different so the comparison ends quickly at the materials.

Clear or with Colour

Le Support Colours

Extra Thoughts

In the case or out? If you take off the rubber foam, suction cups, and hooks it does fit in your case nice and flat and a micro fibre cloth overtop would protect your guitar. That said, I don’t think I’d trust it in my case with my guitar so for transport around town I would attach it onto my guitar case with a velco strap.



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  1. Thank you for introducing Le Support to us. It sounds anazing. My problem are the suction cups (that do come off my guitarlift). Is there a solution to this?

    • It depends on the finish of your guitar as well as keeping the suction cups clean. I wash mine every few months with dish soap and warm water to clean them. You can try using a suction cup protector page or cling vinyl (at your own risk of course).

  2. Thanks for the comprehensive review. You convinced me that this is the guitar support to get; therefore, I have already placed an order for the Estrellita model including the optional strap. I am eager to compare Le Support with the GuitarLift. Do you find that Le Support works equally well with your full-size Saers guitar and your custom short-scale instrument?

    • I will be using it on my small scale guitar but I do think it fits better with my full size guitar. I’ve almost maxed it out with my small scale but I’m pretty short as well. On a full size there is lots of room for height especially if you move one of the suction cups.

  3. Looks like it is made very well and also has different colors options. I’m afraid of the suction cups not holding well on different finishes. I have the StageWork support and one of my guitars has a nitrocellulose finish on the top,back, and sides. But I have seen many videos of musicians using this product with positive results. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge and review. John Offutt

  4. Great review. I am sold and ordered it yesterday. Have been using the Gitano for months now but don’t like it.