English Renaissance Lute Music (Shinbin)

English Renaissance Lute Music
Arranged by Nicholas Shinbin

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Big thanks for Nicholas Shinbin for sending me his sheet music collection titled A Selection of English Renaissance Lute Music Arranged for Classical Guitar. As he states, “This book includes nine pieces of Renaissance lute music that have been arranged for classical guitar. Included are five pieces by John Dowland (1563-1626) and four pieces by lesser known lute composer Edward Collard (fl. 1598-99).”

I’ve been following Shinbin’s amazing project Toronto Gothic on his Instagram for some time now. His works on Toronto’s gothic architecture are all drawn and inked by hand using pointillism and are amazing. So, as expected, his music engraving skills are equally beautiful (see below). I didn’t know much about the works of Edward Collard (fl. 1598-99) so that was a treat to explore. He was English lutenist appointed lutenist to Elizabeth I after the death of John Johnson. The fingering in the edition is for relative lute tuning with the 3rd string tuned down to F sharp. In general the fingering is all quite good, I might change a few of the choices here and there but everything works logically and is very cleanly presented. Great collection or works, congrats to Shinbin on a very nice edition.


  • John Dowland
    • La Mia Barbara (P.95)
    • A Fancy (P.7)
    • Pavan (P.16)
    • Pavan (P.18)
    • Farewell (P.3)
  • Edward Collard
    • Pavan (I)
    • Pavan (II)
    • Mr. Anthony Mildmay’s Pavan
    • Mr. Anthony Mildmay’s Galliard.


You can find a few videos of Shinbin playing these works below or at his YouTube.


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  1. Thank you very much! I’m hopeful that a Collard piece or two might catch on, I think they’re quite nice!