Jérôme Ducharme Lesson on Tres Piezas by Rodrigo

Jérôme Ducharme via his YouTube channel gives tips and tricks on Rodrigo’s Tres Piezas. Ducharme is a GFA winner and teaches at McGill University up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He discusses ideas related to technique, phrasing, as well as other musical concepts. He also goes into his own tips and tricks for the work. Eve if you are not playing Rodrigo take a look at these because you’ll get ideas on how he approaches music and the guitar. You can also check out his CD and DVD: Jérôme Ducharme on Amazon.

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  1. I enjoyed each of these videos but was a little annoyed at the way they were cut and shortened. The flash transition and cutting off of his voice at times distracts me from his information.