Henderson-Kolk Duo Play Vivaldi

The amazing Canadian Henderson-Kolk Duo with Drew Henderson & Michael Kolk play Concerto for two violins, two cellos, strings and continuo (D-dur RV 564) by by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741), arranged by Henderson. This comes via Henderson’s great YouTube channel. Two of my favourite players and in top form as usual. Beautifully matched phrasing and articulation and fantastic ensemble playing throughout. As he says, “Here is one of my oldest arrangements (15 years old at least). After scouring through scores of Vivaldi concerti to find the one that John Williams played solo in a concert, I stumbled upon this gem.” He’ll have the arrangement for sale at some point, info on his YouTube description.

Movement times: 0:07 Allegro, 4:42 Largo, 7:13 Allegro

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