Valois and Georgiev play Burgmüller (Guitar & Cello)

Canadian guitarist Pascal Valois (Romantic Guitar) & Jivko Georgiev (Cello) play Noctune No. 1 by Friedrich Burgmüller (1806-1874). This comes via Pascal Valois on his Youtube channel. I always like to feature chamber music on the site. This is no Beethoven but it’s period repertoire and has its charm, especially on 19th century guitar. Burgmüller was a pianist and composer and I’d be curious to know what inspired him to write for the guitar. The dedicate is le Vicomte Gabriel Molitor who seems to be either a well known General or at least nobleman (not to be confused with Simon Molitor). You can get the facsimile of the 3 nocturnes on IMSLP.

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