Duet: Sobre el canto llano del Conde Claros by Valderrábano

Sobre el canto llano del Conde Claros by Enríquez de Valderrábano (c. 1500-1557) – From Libro de música de vihuela intitulado Silva de Sirenas (1547). This period vihuela duet is arranged for 2 guitars in score format (three pages). It includes notation only and is a PDF download. This is an unfingered edition for flexibility in tuning and fingering. Big thanks to Douglas Hensley for joining me.

YouTube Video Link – We are using the unfingered score, our own fingerings, and have our 3rd strings tuned to F# (relative lute/vihuela tuning).

Werner Guitar Editions is my dedicated sheet music site. Enjoy.

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