Henderson-Kolk Duo Play Marcello / Bach

Canadian guitarists Drew Henderson and Michael Kolk as the Henderson Kolk Guitar Duo play Henderson’s arrangement of Concerto for Oboe and Strings in D minor with the movements Andante e spiccato, Adagio, and Presto by Alessandro Marcello (1673-1747) with the arrangement based on J.S. Bach’s own version. “The earliest known surviving manuscript of Alessandro Marcello’s Oboe concerto in D minor exists not as a score from the composer’s own hand, but as an arrangement for solo keyboard by contemporary J.S. Bach. This arrangement, dating from 1713-1714, is part of a collection of works entitled 16 Konzerte nach verschiedenen Meistern, BWV 972–987 (16 concerts according to different masters). It is Bach’s arrangement on which this duo version for guitar is heavily based.” You can read more info or buy via Les Productions d’Oz. This comes via Henderson’s fantastic YouTube channel. FYI, they are both using guitar supports instead of footstools, before you ask, see my review of guitar supports.

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