Stephen Lochbaum Performs Prelude – très vite, BWV 995 by Bach

Stephen Lochbaum performs Prelude – très vite from Suite BWV 995 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This comes his YouTube channel (go subscribe now). Lochbaum is a fantastic player, I’m surprised I haven’t featured him before since I know him from my early days in Victoria. Excellent playing with a confidence and clarity that fits perfectly with Bach. Along with his attention to the motifs and some beautiful sweet spots in the phrasing, Lochbaum’s style gives solid care to each note both in terms of tone and balance. It’s an addictive sound and a very grounding quality for the guitar. Funny coincidence, Lochbaum and I were born on the same day, month, year, and town. Plus, we both taught at the Victoria Conservatory at the same time in our younger years. Below is his blurb from his YouTube:

In this performance I try to recreate the sound and style of the baroque lutenist Sylvius Leopold Weiss. I use unisons, left-hand slurs, and campanellas liberally when they fit on the guitar. This leads to varied articulations throughout and will mimic the natural asymmetries found in our speech, song, and poetry. It was a joy to record in this inspiring space on my first and long overdue visit to Toronto, Canada.

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