Tariq Harb Plays Danza Brazilera by Jorge Morel

Tariq Harb plays Danza Brazilera by Jorge Morel (b.1931). This comes via Harb’s fantastic YouTube Channel. Great playing as usual from Harb and I love seeing these somewhat casual videos where the playing is so extroverted and energetic. Cool shots of the right hand as well. FYI, Tariq Harb is a faculty member and teaches Classical Guitar Performance at Concordia University if you’re looking for post-secondary studies.

As he states on YouTube, “Jorge Morel’s “Danza Brazilera” became very famous amongst guitarists in the 80’s. Although Morel (b. 1931) is originally from Argentina, he wrote many pieces that were directly influenced by Brazil and its culture. This Danza Brazilera is composed in the style of Samba, but with the complex harmonies of Bossa Nova making it a mix of both. I hope you enjoy this performance of this iconic piece! The top-left corner camera is for interested guitarists and students to better see the right hand movements throughout this performance.”

Sheet music via Amazon: The Very Best of Jorge Morel

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