Joshua Shi Plays Hetu Op.41 Final

Joshua Shi plays the Final from Suite pour Guitare Op.41 by Canadian composer Jacques Hétu (1938–2010). This comes via Guitar Salon International and their YouTube channel. Played on a on a 1988/2016 Jeff Elliott that was built in 1988 as an 8-string, then converted into a 6-string in 2016 (why would someone do this?). I’m currently working on this suite so can’t pass up any opportunity to post Hetu. Maybe a bit on the wiry side (more lush Romantic sustain could be good) but everything is there from great accents, dynamics, tons of excitement, and good presentation of the multi-layered texture. Plus, super impressive for this young player to pull off. Congrats to him.

Sheet Music: Suite pour Guitare Op.41

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