Audio Comparison of Six Guitars by Sigurdson


Jeff Sigurdson -guitar comparisonA nice audio comparison of six different classical guitars by Canadian luthier Jeff Sigurdson on his Youtube channel. All are played by Drew Henderson and all with the same mic placement and unprocessed sound. You can certainly hear differences in the balance between the strings. Treat this as a fun experiment rather than a critique. Keep in mind that all designs are good but some designs might sound better with their own specific mic placement in terms of distance, hall size, preamp and editing-wise. Not to mention that they use different woods. Really difficult to make any conclusions but still very interesting.  Top marks to Sigurdson for somehow having six of his guitars all in one place at one time which is no easy feat building-wise. Team: Jeff Sigurdson, Gord Basa, Joey Gaitanis.

Sample #1 0:15 – Spruce / flame maple – Built in the style of Hermann Hauser
Sample #2 0:53 – Spruce / rosewood – Built in the style of Jose Romanillos
Sample #3 1:30 – Cedar / rosewood – Built in the style of Daniel Friederich
Sample #4 2:08 – Spruce / rosewood – Built in the style of Daniel Friederich
Sample #5 2:47 – Cedar-out / cedar-in / rosewood – Balsa-core double-top construction
Sample #6 3:25 – Spruce-out / cedar-in / rosewood – Balsa-core / double-top construction

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