Emma Rush Performs Waltz No. 1 by Delores de Goñi

Canadian guitarist Emma Rush plays Waltz No.1 from Six Waltzes by Delores de Goñi (1813-1892). This comes via her excellent YouTube Channel. Played on a 19th Century Stuaffer replica guitar by Miodrag Žerdoner. Great playing by Rush, her phrasing and pacing add nicely to the light charm of the work. You can hear her play all six waltzes on her album Wake the Sigh which I featured here. The album focuses on rarely heard guitar music from the 19th century including composers: Emilia Guglielmi-Giuliani, Angiolina Panormo Huerta, Catharina Pratten, Susan Dommet, Julie Fondard, Julia Piston, and Delores de Goñi. Most of the works have never been recorded.

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