Tim Beattie Plays Sonata No.2 del Caminante by Brouwer

Canadian guitarist Tim Beattie performs Sonata No.2 del Caminante by Leo Brouwer (b.1939) at Hailes Castle, Scotland. This comes via Beattie’s YouTube where you can see more info and credits. Sonata No.2 was written in 2007 and was dedicated to Odair Assad. Wonderful performance by Beattie with excellent contrasts between meditative peaceful passages and intense sections with energetic outbursts. Below are Brouwer’s own words via a Naxos album:

Sonata del Caminante was composed in a few days for Odair Assad. Composition is like a birth with pain, effort and joy, but in this case everything was organic. Thinking and doing were the same. An impossible challenge for any guitar virtuoso is commonplace for Odair…Thematically you will not find in Sonata del caminante sweet melodies nor gracious batucadas; if I intended to achieve something it was ‘intensity’. I hope to have succeeded.

Leo Brouwer: Music for Bandurria and Guitar (Chamorro / González)
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