Henderson-Kolk Duo Play Scarlatti Sonata K.12

The fantastic Canadian Henderson-Kolk Guitar Duo (Drew Henderson & Michael Kolk) play their arrangement of Sonata in G minor, K.12/L.489 by Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). This comes via Henderson’s great YouTube channel. Here’s his YouTube blurb: “The affinity guitarists have for the keyboard music of Domenico Scarlatti has remained constant since the earliest arrangements made by Segovia and his contemporaries. The timbre of the guitar compliments the Iberian musical elements present in these sonatas, and perhaps realizes the sound the composer was imagining in their conception. The Sonata in G minor, with it’s imitative and repeated motives fits very well as an arrangement for two guitars. Aside from being a very fun piece to perform, it serves as an excellent exercise for guitar duos to refine their balance as the melody and bass trade-off with such frequency.”

FYI, they are both using cushion guitar supports, various types are on Amazon, I’d be inclined to go with the trusted Dynarette brand.

Sheet Music, arranged by Henderson-Kolk Duo, via Les Productions d’Oz.

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