Jérôme Ducharme Plays Serenade Gubaidulina

Canadian guitarist Jérôme Ducharme plays Serenade by Sofia Gubaidulina (b.1931). Played on a La Bavaria 1 guitar From Luthier Wolfgang Jellinghaus at the Grand Guitar Salon over in Montreal, Québec, Canada. This comes via the Salon’s YouTube with video and sound production by the amazing Drew Henderson. Ducharme is one of Canada’s great guitarists. Actually, I’m working on the Hetu suite so have been watching (over-watching) his performance of it as a model. The Serenade is a beautifully spacious piece with excellent explorations of colour and range on the instrument…The notes drift and fade but not without a sense of direction. It’s an interesting piece that really draws you into the sound of the guitar. I believe the sheet music is in Orphee’s Russian Collection Vol. 5.

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