Renaissance Sheet Music for Classical Guitar

Renaissance Sheet Music or Tab for Classical Guitar

Renaissance Sheet Music Classical Guitar. This page lists Renaissance pdf sheet music by composer and grade. The Renaissance was one of the most exciting times for plucked string instruments. From the lute, vihuela, cittern (cithren) tablature and a variety of other variations, it was the golden age before the reign of keyboards took over. Below are some of the free and premium scores we have for Renaissance music arranged for classical guitar. Much of the music is in regular tuning but keep an eye out for the relative lute tuning of the 3rd string being tuned to F sharp. If you want to learn to read lute tablature and other performance practice you can check out A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute (Poulton) but keep in mind that this book is actually for lute players and not guitarists so it’s kind of an advanced guide.

Renaissance Solo Works for Classical Guitar 

  • Vincenzo Capirola (c.1474-1548) – Renaissance, Italy
  • Capirola Lutebook Volume 1: La Vilanela, Balletto, Canto Bello, Gentil Prince. Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Georg Leopold Fuhrmann (1578-1616)
  • Fuhrman: Tanz, Grade 3, Renaissance, Lesson, Notation or TAB

Renaissance Duets and Ensembles

Music from other publishers (and videos)

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