Duo Diversitas Play Sonata BWV 1020 by Bach

Duo Diversitas with Marisa Minder (guitar) and Evgeniya Spalinger (Flute) perform the third movement Allegro from Sonata in G minor, BWV 1020 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). This comes via Minder’s YouTube channel.  This is originally for flute and obbligato harpsichord and arranged here by Tilman Hopstock. The authenticity of J.S. Bach as the composer is a bit disputed but it is nevertheless directly in the style and recent research points in the direction of C.P.E Bach. Fantastic performance and arrangement with a driving rhythmic energy and excellent motivic attention. What a workout for both musicians and I can rarely recall guitar sounding so natural in this setting so congrats to Minder.


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  1. That’s a beautiful performance! My first time hearting a guitar and flute together, I loved the combination !

  2. Fine mature playing! My wife & I have been playing flute and guitar together 44 years. Several of my arrangements here.

  3. Bradford, I see that the performers are using tablets to display their music in this performance. This is becoming a common practice, yet I have not seen much information on how this is accomplished. They are obviously not doing any page turning during this lengthy performance which implies the computer is following and doing the page turns. I think it would be of interest if you would do a video on the options performers have with regard to this technology.

    Wonderful performance.

    • I think most people are using programs that integrate with wireless foot pedal switches for page turns. There are a number of programs that are popular. I must admit though, I still enjoy just printing out my music and putting it a binder.