Six Pavans by Luis de Milán for Guitar

Six Pavans by Luis de Milán (c.1500-1561) – Originally for vihuela. PDF sheet music arranged for classical guitar. Includes both a notation-only edition, tab edition, and an unfingered edition (all three in one pdf). Left hand fingering. Regular guitar tuning. Mixed level: Late-Intermediate to Early-Advanced (Grade 6-9). Generally easy shapes to play and mainly in first positions but some tricky fingerings for voice leading and independence.

My PDF Sheet Music Edition: Comes with notation-only edition, tab edition, & unfingered edition

The six pavans (pavanes, or pavanas) by Luis de Milán (c.1500-1561), also Luys Milán, come from his Libro de música de vihuela de mano intitulado El Maestro (1536). One of the first published music collections for the vihuela de mano. There are many editions of this music available but this edition focuses on voice leading and legato connection in imitation of vocal works of the era. Low quality editions often ignore the vocal quality and complexity of the music resulting in fingering choices that simplify the music to the point chord playing. This edition has been fingered specifically to create beautiful musical lines and voice independence. This doesn’t always make for easy fingerings but the musical result is worth it.

Tuning – Fingering for regular guitar tuning. Relative vihuela tuning is almost always beneficial to music of this era (tuning the 3rd string to F sharp). However, after playing the works in both tunings I concluded that half of the works are far easier to play in regular guitar tuning. You can use the unfingered edition and utilize any fingering or tuning you wish.

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Six Pavans by Luis de Milán for Guitar - PDF Sheet Music and Tab
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