Fantasia X by Mudarra for Guitar (Free PDF)


Fantasia X by Alonso Mudarra (c.1510–1580)
que contrahazee la harpa en la manera de Ludovico (From Tres libros, 1546)
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This edition of Fantasia X (No.10) by Alonso Mudarra (c.1510–1580) is an arrangement of the original vihuela work. The nice harp-like fingering by Frederick Noad et al. with cross-string fingering, although very beautiful, over-complicates the fingering and are not consistent throughout. The vihuela tablature utilizes open strings for the melodic passages and I’ve kept that aspect (although both can be very nice). My edition is virtually identical to David Russell’s fingering in the video below. Join the Email Newsletter to get music updates or visit the sheet music page regularly. Please consider donating to the site to keep the free sheet music coming.

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Although the video quality is a bit poor, I really like Russell’s performance. The fingering is almost exactly the same as my edition (and the original).

A vihuela recording.

Live vihuela.

Here’s an example of a cross-string fingering performance of other editions.


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