Matteo Carcassi Sheet Music with Videos

Matteo Carcassi Sheet Music and Videos for Classical Guitar

Matteo Carcassi (1796-1853) for classical guitar. PDF sheet music with video performances and lessons. Most of my editions include both a notation-only edition and a separate tab edition. The free sheet music are notation editions with fingering.

Matteo Carcassi was an Italian guitarist and composer. Carcassi is best known for his etude collection 25 Etudes Melodiques et Progressives, Op.60. This collection is a core part of the mid to late intermediate etude repertoire for its clear pedagogical goals and classical era balance. Also of note is his Méthode complète pour la Guitare, Op. 59 which is an excellent method book and clear study of the tonal system on the guitar.

My Sheet Music with Video Lessons of Carcassi

Except for the beginner material most of my editions include both a notation-only edition and a separate tab edition. The free sheet music for beginners are notation editions with fingering.

Free Public Domain Sheet Music for Carcassi

Free Public Domain Sheet Music – These are the original publications and actually look and print fairly well. However, you should also consider getting a modern copy (see below) to see how modern guitarists approach these etudes with proper fingerings for today’s classical guitar.

You can find much more of Carcassi’s public domain PDF sheet music at IMSLP.


Some Closer Looks

Etude No. 1: This is a great etude for scale work, muting, and arpeggios. It sums up very important technique elements in one short composition. Although most people play the scale runs legato, I’d recommend following the facsimile instruction to play staccato at least up to the transitional material toward the arpeggios. The staccato might help the idea of pre-preparation in the right hand. Play legato too if you like the sound but doing both is preferable in the practice room.

Carcassi Etude No 1
Carcassi Etude No 1

Etude No. 6: This is a spectacular etude for gaining control of the right-hand balance in a two-voice texture. I flip the dynamic markings around and play the longer note values forte and the eighth-notes piano. It’s good for teaching students to have some subtlety and elegant balance in their playing.

Carcassi Etude No 6
Carcassi Etude No 6

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