Matteo Carcassi Free Sheet Music PDFs

Matteo Carcassi

Matteo Carcassi

Here is a list of Matteo Carcassi’s Op. 60 Etudes and other works. They are all free sheet music pdfs in the public domain. One of the classical guitar’s most famous collections of etudes is Matteo Carcassi’s (1792–1853) Op. 60 etudes. Why are they good? They are clean and clear pedagogical pieces that need to be played well because, although they sound nice, they are not particularly amazing compositions. Don’t get me wrong, I like the etudes very much but they will not be remembered for their artistic qualities in the same way that, for example, Beethoven has been. They are simply good etudes for learning because they are simple and uncluttered compositions. You usually only have one or two main tasks (technically/musically) to accomplish in each work. As a teacher I like using Carcassi etudes because the student has to present the notes to me in a clear and minimalist, yet elegant, Classical style. The etudes are an excellent balance between clear musical ideas and and straight-forward pedagogical tasks. I forgot to mention that with 25 in the collection the etudes are pretty comprehensive of Classical era technique and musical considerations.

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My Favorites 

Etude No. 1: This is a great etude for scale work and arpeggios. In fact it sums up two very important technique elements in one nice and short little composition. Although most people play the scale runs legato, I’d recommend following the facsimile instruction to play staccato at least up to the transitional material toward the arpeggios. The staccato might help the idea of pre= preparation in the right hand. Play legato too if you like the sound but doing both is preferable in the practice room.

Carcassi Etude No 1

Carcassi Etude No 1


Etude No. 6: This is a spectacular etude for gaining control of the right-hand balance in a two-voice texture. I really like to flip the dynamic markings around too and play the longer note values forte and the eighth-notes piano. It’s so good at teaching students to have some subtlety and elegant balance in their playing.

Carcassi Etude No 6

Carcassi Etude No 6


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