Intermediate Classical Guitar Sheet Music with Videos

Sheet Music for Classical Guitar

Intermediate Classical Guitar Sheet Music (Grades 4-7). This page lists free and premium PDF sheet music at the intermediate grade level. All free selections have the word free in red.

What is Intermediate classical guitar? I consider intermediate to be around the grade 4 to grade 7 level and involves all the basic techniques such as slurs, barre, and upper position playing. That said, there is still not much super awkward fingerings, difficult stretches, or long form pieces. Most people will find this music a real pleasure to play and it will offer a wide range of repertoire choices. Keep in mind that intermediate players should still be playing tons of music from my easy list. Pros play from all levels and to sound great is never easy so enjoy these works regardless of your level.

  • Johann Gottfried Eduard Bayer (1822–1908) – Late-Romantic, Germany
  • Marche Funêbre & Bolero, Grade 3-4, Free Sheet Music, or Tab
  • Vincenzo Capirola (c.1474-1548) – Renaissance, Italy
  • Capirola Lutebook Volume 1: La Vilanela, Balletto, Canto Bello, Gentil Prince. Intermediate to Advanced.

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