Giuliani Op. 1, Part 4, No. 1 (Free PDF & TAB)

Studio Op. 1, Part Four, No. 1, “Maestoso” by Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829). Sheet Music or Tab for Classical Guitar. Level: Grade 3-4, Easy but some surprisingly tricky fingering in a few spots.

Free Sheet Music ot TAB:

This is the first etude from “Twelve Lessons” and is one of the more beautiful ones. The other material in Op.1 is very pedagogical in nature but these lessons are more musical.  


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  1. Thanks, that’s a helpful tab. Just a bit stuck on bars 6 and 9 and wonderful what your solution is to the right hand fingerings of those?

    • The options are pretty simple, either you use your ideal fingering for the arpeggio and make sure the finger before on the melodic run accommodates that or you do the reverse and use a different finger for the arpeggio and ideal finger for the approach. In measure 6 I would use ‘m’ on the top note of the arpeggio pattern since ‘a’ is so appropriate for the arpeggio and melodic note before it. In measure 9 use the fingering provided and approach with the ‘a’ finger at the end of measure 8.