Traditional Songs – PDF Sheet Music for Classical Guitar

Traditional Songs - Free PDF Sheet Music and Tab for Classical Guitar

Traditional songs arranged for classical guitar. PDF sheet music or tab for classical guitar. This pages lists both our sheet music and other’s for traditional, celtic, folk, and Spanish songs arranged for classical guitar. Join the Email Newsletter to get updates on sheet music, lessons, and more. Also consider donating to the site.  

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Video from my Easy Folk Songs Vol.1 – 25 fingerstyle solos. Each piece: 1st time easy, 2nd time intermediate. These links go to Youtube.


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  1. In your sheet music when you have say a 5th string A and on the same fret say a C on the 2nd string – do you play those two strings simultaneously? Or do you play the base note A and then the melody note C? Watching your videos, I don’t see you playing them together. But tell me if I am missing something.
    Thanks, Joe Graves