Romantic Era Sheet Music for Classical Guitar

Romantic Era Classical Guitar

Romantic Era Sheet Music for Classical Guitar. This page lists Romantic era pdf sheet music by composer and grade. The Romantic period was an era of music spanning the nineteenth century filled with amazing operas, symphonies, piano music, concertos and more. It is closely related to the broader concept of Romanticism, the intellectual, artistic, and literary movement in Europe from around 1800-1850. This is also the era of the 19th century guitar that almost exactly matches the modern classical guitar besides a difference in size (they were smaller instruments). Below are some of the free and premium scores we have for Romantic and Post-Romantic music for classical guitar. Image above (public domain): La Soiree by Vittorio Reggianini (1858–1938).

Romantic Era Solo Works for Classical Guitar 

  • Johann Gottfried Eduard Bayer (1822–1908) – Late-Romantic, Germany
  • Marche Funêbre & Bolero, Grade 3-4, Free Sheet Music, or Tab

Romantic Era Music from other publishers (and our videos)

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