Classical Guitar Exercises and Technique Lessons

Classical Guitar Exercises and Technique Lessons

Here is a list of classical guitar exercises and technique lessons from the site. All the video lessons are 100% free to watch. Four main books are mentioned but you can usually get the exercises just from watching the videos. Studying technique exercises is an essential part of a daily practice routine. I highly recommend you practice the exercises at the beginning of your practice session to allow the technique you learn to pour into the pieces your play afterward. With that little bit of preparation and careful practice you might find your fingers behaving much better in your pieces and you’ll be building a foundation that will last the rest of your life. Here are the four books I mention:

Books Mentioned

Free Video Lessons for 20 Favorite Exercises

Free Video Lessons for Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, and Arpeggios

Free Video Lessons for Major Scales for Classical Guitar (YouTube Links)

Free Video Lessons for Ten Classical Etudes

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