Advanced Classical Guitar Sheet Music

Sheet Music for Classical Guitar

Advanced Classical Guitar Sheet Music (Grades 8 and up). This page lists free and premium PDF sheet music at the advanced grade level. All free selections have the word free in red.

About this list: I consider advanced to be around the grade 8 level or up but I’ve also included some music that is lower in technique level but quite mature in nature. Advanced music involves all the basic techniques and can include auxiliary techniques and difficult passages, tempos, and awkward shapes. Sometimes it is simply the scope of the work that is difficult rather than the technique level. Some of the suites might be mainly grade 6 but as a while represents an advanced undertaking. This is still a huge range of difficulty levels with Grade 8-9 being early-advanced, Grade 10 mid-advanced and then the sky is the limit for difficulty.

Keep in mind that advanced players should still be playing tons of music from my easy list and the intermediate list. Pros play from all levels and to sound great is never easy so enjoy works from all the levels.

  • Vincenzo Capirola (c.1474-1548) – Renaissance, Italy
  • Capirola Lutebook Volume 1: La Vilanela, Balletto, Canto Bello, Gentil Prince. Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Giovanni Zamboni (c.1650-1721)
  • Sonata No.9 by Zamboni – Preludio, Alamanda, Giga, Sarabanda, Gavotte. Early-Advanced.

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