Easy Christmas Songs for Guitar (Complete)

Easy Christmas Songs for Guitar – Solo Fingerstyle Arrangements with Lyrics & Chords. PDF sheet music or tab for fingerstyle or classical guitar. Comes with both a notation-only edition and TAB edition. PDF or hardcopy, some left hand fingering.

About This Collection – Easy Level: Melody + Bass Notes + Common Chord Shapes. These are basically just the melody with the bass note of the chords added and a few added chords here and there. These easy Christmas arrangements are for late-beginner or intermediate guitarists looking for sight-readable songs for the holiday season. I’ve added the lyrics and chords to make them as useful as possible in group or family settings if singing occurs. More advanced guitarists may wish to improvise or work-out intros and extra accompaniment. Otherwise, the arrangements are simple melodies plus bass notes and some filling out of common first position chords.

Buy the Complete Set (Volumes 1-4) – Hardcopy

PDF Editions of Each Volume – Werner Guitar Editions

List of Christmas Songs & YouTube Links

Video – Easy Christmas Songs Volume 1

Video – Easy Christmas Songs Volume 2

Video – Easy Christmas Songs Volume 3

Video – Easy Christmas Songs Volume 4

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  1. Dear Mr. Bradford Werner,
    I am from India and would like to buy your Christmas songs volume 1 to 4. Kindly help me how can I purchase tab sheets.
    Thanks You,
    Emmanuel Prince