Grade 1 Lesson: Andantino, Op.241, No.5 by Carulli

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Andantino, Op.241, No.5 by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841) – This piece has a noticeable increase in right hand activity. It is a quintessential example of the classical era composing for guitar. This piece is in G major so warm up with a G major scale. Play the melody on its own. Aim for a legato and musically shaped melody. Practice the specific chord shapes used in this piece slowly and calmly. Classical era pieces such as this one tend to work very well on the guitar if fingering is followed. In Bar 1-4, the bass voice employs an alternating figuration of notes that are part of a chord. This is commonly known in the Classical era as an alberti bass. Try playing the bass voice on its own to hear how it sounds.

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