Books for Classical Guitarists

These are recommendations for classical guitar books. All links go to For books related to sheet music for guitar technique & workbooks see the sheet music section.

Classical Guitar Books – Discussion, Lessons, Info

Classical Guitar Books – History & Modern/Historical Techniques

Classical Guitar Books – Biography and Interviews

Music Books – Other Books (Non-Guitar Specific)

  • The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green
    • A must have. At times it might seem fluffy but put the exercises to actual use in practice or lessons and it really does work. It’s all about getting in tune with yourself.
  • Musical Excellence: Strategies and Techniques by Aaron Williamon
    • “Musical Excellence offers performers, teachers, and researchers, new perspectives and practical guidance for enhancing performance and managing the stress that typically accompanies performance situations. It draws together, for the first time in a single collection, the findings of pioneering initiatives from across the arts and sciences.” (via publishers)