Gator Lightweight EPS Foam Classical Guitar Case

Gator Lightweight Classical Guitar Case (GL-Classic)
Made with EPS Foam and nylon covering. Weights around 5.5 pounds. Great gig case as it’s between a soft gig bag and a hard case and super affordable ($120 CAND or $89 USD). Just don’t expect too much protection and don’t use it for any risky situations. The good: it’s super light, inexpensive, and protects better than a bag-style case. The bad: It falls over when you take the guitar out, the backpack straps are cheap and might break, no ‘real’ padding, not good for high risk situations, does not fit all classical guitars (be careful).

Overall: I like using it because I walk everywhere and it’s super light. Not bulky, won’t break other people’s kneecaps on the bus. You might get on a plane with it as it seems soft but do not check it (for crying out loud)! Quality is ‘meh’ but nice low price.

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Hiscox Case Review Mentioned

Link to Case on Gator Website (not sure I trust their measurements so consider the guitar instead)

Cordoba C10 Measurements:
Upper Bout Width – 292mm (11 1/2″)
Lower Bout Width – 371mm (14 5/8″)
Body Depth Upper Bout – 95mm (3 3/4″)
Body Depth Lower Bout – 100mm (4″)
Body Length – 489mm (19 1/4″)
Overall Length – 984mm (38 3/4″)

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