Classical Guitar Piezo Pickups: KNA NG-1, AP-1, Schaller Oyster

Kremona KNA NG-1, AP-1 and Schaller Piezo Pickups for Classical Guitar – Behind the saddle and contact transducer piezo pickup solutions. Feel free to watch the review on my Youtube if you prefer.

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A review of the Kremona KNA NG-1, AP-1, and Schaller ‘Oyster’ Piezo Pickup for Nylon String Guitar. Need to amplify your classical guitar? These are pickups for classical guitars that are detachable and easy to use. The video includes an unboxing, installation, and demo tests. Some of the most convenient external pickup solutions for classical guitar.

Conclusion: The AP-1 has a strong signal and works just as advertised. The wood finish is not necessary and is a bit cheap (was a little warped near the electronics). The NG-1 sounds the most natural to me but the Schaller is the best build quality and so easy to use. I’ve had my Schaller for almost 20 years and it sounds as good if not better than the AP-1. Schaller is made in Germany and is just a more solid design. Just make sure to use some non-adhesive static cling protection for your guitar because the contact mics use a sticky putty to mount.

One thing I forgot to mention is that on 6 hole bridges there could be some loss of energy due to a slightly different angle of the string on the saddle. I think this is pretty minimal though, especially if tie the string low enough. On 12 hole bridges this is not an issue.

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