Method Vol.2: 3rd & 5th Position Notes, Exercise 1-10, Joy to the World

This lesson comes from my Method Book Volume 2.

Below is the lesson for 3rd & 5th Position Notes, Exercise 1-10, and Joy to the World (Pages 35-39). The lesson for Joy to the World starts at 10:07 mins. Be sure to watch the whole video straight through to get an overview and to not miss any info.

Please disregard the Estudio at the end of the video as it part of an older edition.


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  1. I’m loving this (tm McDonalds). I’ve spent soooo long obssessing over 1st position arpeggios. This is helping me see the fretboard as less of a mystery. The first thing I have to get in my head is how to deal with the overlap, that is, where fingers start for each position (1st finger C in 5th and 3rd finger C in 3rd etc). But I can see myself about to start making progress after several years of frustration. Actually, we have spoken several times Bradford, but I have so many online identities, you probably don’t know who I am. If you manage to rekindle my enthusiasm I shall be eternally grateful.

  2. Bradford, what book of classical romantic sheet music would you recommend for someone that just completed method volume 1 and method volume 2 of your program?

    • I don’t have a specific recommendation for a book. You can browse the individual selections of sheet music that I have or check out my Easy Classical Guitar collection that has a Romantic section.