1. Florin, I put off learning to read music for guitar for the longest time. Then I used a simple beginner guitar book and spent about two weeks learning the notes in the first position. Then I started in Bradford’s series and I am so happy I spent a few weeks learning to read. I did know how to read music for piano before, so I had an advantage but still it is worth the time you put in. I have been playing rock guitar for 30 years without reading music, and I should have done it long ago.

  2. Hello Brad,
    I mostly play with bare arms and there is no way my elbow can slide over the edge of the guitar, it relies purely on the stretching of my skin.
    When i reach for the 6th string with i & m, it stretches to the limit and it feels a little akward because i need to curl my fingers a little further back in order to properly reach the string.
    Is that a common problem and is it good practice to always play with a sleeve?
    Thank you,

    • It’s probably a combination of things, you can wear a sleeve or an arm sock for comfort and maneuverability but sometimes students are pressing down with their arm so relaxing your body and guitar touch might also help.

        • You don’t need to play them all but do try to get in some left and right hand exercises each practice. Work on a few until comfortable and then gradually make your way through all of them.

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