Method Vol.2: Right Hand Exercises

This lesson comes from my Method Book Volume 2.

Below is the technique lesson for Right Hand Exercises in Part 4.


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  1. For me, the Giuliani exercises are much more about cleanly fretting that horrible extended G7 than anything else. I remember playing these every day for months. My left hand was in permanent pain. And I wasn’t any better at it after all that.

    • You can always work on the pattern with open strings or use chords more comfortable for you. Sounds like some small adjustments to your positions and some relaxation exercises might be needed to make the chords more comfortable.

  2. Great lesson, as always! I have a question about my left hand in the Giuliani exercises. When I hold down G7 with B in the base, I have trouble with the open D buzzing against 2, which I’m still holding on that B on the A string. I can eliminate the buzzing by changing the position of my left hand, moving my thumb more towards the first string, dropping my shoulder, and pressing my elbow out away from my body anteriorly so that it’s about even with the guitar’s top. I’m guessing this is the same problem that Sina described in another comment, so I’ll try the same exercises you prescribed there.

  3. Hi Bradford,
    I’m struggling to understand how the rest sroke is supposed to work, and what difference it makes to the sound of the note being played (compared to a free stroke). I’m probably missing something obvious, but would you be able to give some pointers?

  4. Hello Brad,
    I mostly play with bare arms and there is no way my elbow can slide over the edge of the guitar, it relies purely on the stretching of my skin.
    When i reach for the 6th string with i & m, it stretches to the limit and it feels a little akward because i need to curl my fingers a little further back in order to properly reach the string.
    Is that a common problem and is it good practice to always play with a sleeve?
    Thank you,

    • It’s probably a combination of things, you can wear a sleeve or an arm sock for comfort and maneuverability but sometimes students are pressing down with their arm so relaxing your body and guitar touch might also help.

      • Should I be playing all the right and left hand technique exercises at the start of each practice session? Thanks!

        • You don’t need to play them all but do try to get in some left and right hand exercises each practice. Work on a few until comfortable and then gradually make your way through all of them.

      • Hi Bradford, while practicing Giuliani exercises the major problem for me at this stage is damping the neighbor string with the pulp of my lefthand finger. This problem exasperates while increasing the speed. Are there exercises for controling this issue?

        • That sounds more like a hand/guitar position and curvature in the fingers issue. It’s possible you have to make a micro adjustment to your positions. Sometimes this can be a major overhaul or other times just a millimetre movement in one direction or a slightly more curved finger.

          Maybe review my Guitar Position and Left Hand technique lessons.

          Also, try playing just 1-2-3-4 alignment exercise on a single string but play the open string on either side of that string after each finger to see if you are accidentally touching the neighbouring strings. That is, sustain one finger as you play the open strings on either side. So if you play 1-2-3-4 on the 3rd string, check the 2nd and 4th open strings after each note to see if you are hitting it.

  5. Florin, I put off learning to read music for guitar for the longest time. Then I used a simple beginner guitar book and spent about two weeks learning the notes in the first position. Then I started in Bradford’s series and I am so happy I spent a few weeks learning to read. I did know how to read music for piano before, so I had an advantage but still it is worth the time you put in. I have been playing rock guitar for 30 years without reading music, and I should have done it long ago.

  6. Hi Brad,
    I would buy Volume 2 if it had tabs. Will there be a new edition to include these?