Tips and Rhythm Exercises on Open Strings No.1-60

This Lesson is on Rhythm Tips and Exercise No. 1-60 from my Classical Guitar Method Book Volume 2. This lesson goes over how to practice counting rhythms, approaching rhythms, and then through 60 exercises that cover a variety of time signatures and rhythms.

Video Times: If you watch this on YouTube the times in the video description will automatically jump you to the section.

  • 1:28 Tips for Counting Rhythms
  • 6:07 No.1-6
  • 9:22 No.7-18
  • 13:39 No.19-30
  • 18:36 No.31-35
  • 22:03 No.36-41
  • 25:25 No.42-49
  • 31:19 No.50-60
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