Method Vol.2: A Major, Minuet by Handel, Leccion No.54 by Sagreras, Bound for S. Australia

This lesson comes from my Method Book Volume 2.

Below is the lesson for A Major (Page 25) including the scales and chord progressions. The lesson for the Minuet by Handel (Page 26) starts 3:40 mins. The lesson for Leccion No.54 by Sagreras (Page 27) starts at 5:35 mins. The lesson for Bound for South Australia (Page 28) starts at 8:14 mins. The Be sure to watch the whole video straight through to get an overview and to not miss any info.

Below is a recording of the duet with my friend Natasha Pashchenko as well as the chord song Bound for South Australia. If you are playing the duet without a teacher just play the top line on its own.

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