Method Book Vol.2: G Major, Minuet by Bach, Kean O’Hara by O’Carolan

This lesson comes from my Method Book Volume 2.

Below is the lesson for G Major (Page 15) including the scales and chord progressions. The lesson for the Menuet by Bach (Page 16-17) starts 4:54 mins. The lesson for Kean O’Hara by O’Carolan on (Page 18) starts at 9:04 mins. Be sure to watch the whole video straight through to get an overview and to not miss any info.


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    • Yes, I understand that the G chord can give people trouble. Make sure to check your guitar position and body alignment as that really helps. Also, try practicing the shape by only touching the strings but not pushing them down to the fret. Tension can really make it impossible but often students can make the shape if just lightly touching the strings. Then you can ease into over time. Continue with your progress while working on this in the background. Don’t worry about how long it takes as long as you are working on it.

  1. Working through your book sir, loving the video references when I get stuck. Thank you so much for this!

  2. You really making the impossible person a POSSIBLE thing… I cant tell you how much it helps me at free of cost and such a depth of teaching with Passion.

    Love you Sir

    Hyderabad, India