Method Vol.2: E Minor, Erster Verlust by Schumann, Prelude by Carcassi

This lesson comes from my Method Book Volume 2.

Below is the lesson for E Minor (Page 19) including the scales and chord progressions. The lesson for the Erster Verlust by Schumann (Page 20) starts 4:15 mins. The lesson for Prelude in E Minor modelled after a work by Carcassi on (Page 21) starts at 7:00 mins. Be sure to watch the whole video straight through to get an overview and to not miss any info.

Below is a recording of the duet with my friend Natasha Pashchenko. Please note that the updated version of my book does not use slurs for the duet. If you are playing the duet without a teacher just play the melody on its own.


  1. Is it necessary to be able to play at the speed of the duet before one moves on?

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