Classical Guitar Websites, Blogs, Friends

Classical guitar sites and channels I follow on a regular basis. Here’s a list just a few personal recommendations for classical guitar websites and blogs. I’ll only list the ones that I actually read regularly (can’t list everyone). I have thousands of sites and channels that I subscribe to in case you’ve wondered how I track so much across the web. It’s a painful job but someone has to do it.

Friends of the Site 

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A Few Recommended Classical Guitar Websites

Sicca Guitars – This German guitar salon is great. Subscribe to their YouTube for fantastic and regular videos, the website is more about guitar sales. I post their videos very regularly so make sure to follow them.

GSI – Guitar Salon International – A guitar salon that mainly sells high end guitars but their YouTube is awesome. I post their videos very often!

Open Strings Berlin and their amazing Youtube Channel. Super high quality videos and interviews. Mind-blowing focus and quality.

GuitarCoop and their fantastic YouTube Channel. Wonderful features on guitarists, interviews and more. High quality.

Uros Baric, Guitarist – Three sites: his personal site, his record label Baros Records, and his instructional site Guitarise. Uros = quality.

Classical Guitar Corner – Simon Powis’s great online school for classical guitar. It’s a paid site overall but quality level of everything is very high and well designed. Also has a podcast. I know tons of people who follow both myself and Simon’s site which makes a great combo. We have mildly similar sites but there is plenty of strengths about the quality of Simon’s materials so I highly recommend checking him out.

Women of the Classical Guitar – Amazing resource on the historical and current repertoire by women composers as well as players and luthiers. Their Twitter is worth following too.

Classical Guitar Magazine – This popular print magazine has been more active online recently. They have a lot of paid ads and sponsored content but still a good follow.

Primo Guitar – Our ‘friend‘ over at Primo Guitar posts regularly. Mostly classical guitar but also some fingerstyle stuff as well. Geared to classical guitarist and fingerstyle twists. Mainly student repertoire so students can find new stuff to play.

Six String Journal – Leonardo Garcia’s blog for aspiring guitarists, great lessons and ideas

Classical Guitar Alive – Non-Profit, Tony Morris, great interviews, podcasts, media, and more. It’s an internationally-broadcast radio program as well.