Classical Guitar Lessons in Victoria, BC

Classical Guitar lessons in Victoria, BC, Canada. All ages and levels are welcome. One-on-one lessons, ensemble coaching, and masterclasses available at private studios or the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

Contact me regarding lessons. I am currently away from the island but will be returning soon. In the meantime you can be on my waitlist or I can recommend the perfect teacher for you. I taught in Victoria for 20 years and know some fantastic teachers. Email Bradford:

Lessons are positive, productive, and well-rounded. All students should be able to play across different genres and styles regardless of their specialization. All students learn to read music notation, play with a refined musicality, learn an appreciation of music history, and use proper technique. However, even the best classical guitarist should be able to strum songs and play by ear at a basic level so part of the lessons are dedicated to becoming a well rounded musician.

Classical Guitar Lessons 
Lessons are primarily on classical guitar. The classical guitar is a nylon string instrument played with the fingers and has a musical history ranging from the Renaissance era to modern times, Latin and Spanish music, and many cross-over styles. Students of the classical guitar learn all the same things that pianists, violinists, and other orchestral musicians learn. It is likely the most versatile musical instrument in terms of styles and eras of music. My classical students also learn some popular music, chords, and improvisation as well. In the end, the classical students learn everything! I don’t require my students to focus on “classical” music necessarily, once they have the skills of a good musician they can choose what styles or genres they wish to pursue. The educational benefits of the classical guitar teaching route create solid musicians that can read, perform, and tackle a variety of musical styles and situations.

Popular Guitar Styles
From nylons string to steel-string and electric. I teach a number of students who wish to learn popular styles (rock, folk, jazz, metal), chords, melodies, and fingerstyle guitar arrangements. As long as the student is interested in learning about how music works, basic reading skills, and is willing to play some set educational material on top of their own interests then I enjoy teaching them. I also really like for my popular style students to learn solo arrangements so they can perform solo if they choose. So many guitarists are left out if they don’t play in a band or sing so learning some solo arrangements ensures they have something to play for others if they choose.

Guitar Lesson in Victoria, Bradford Werner