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Emanuele Buono Plays Sonata by Antonio Jose (Complete)

Italian guitarist Emanuele Buono plays all four movements of the monumental Antonio Jose (1902-1936) Sonata via the Naxos Youtube Channel. I had no idea until I wrote down the dates that Jose had lived such a short life. What a shame… Maurice…

Emanuele Buono plays Da Milano

Italian guitarist Emanuele Buono plays Francesco Da Milano: Fantasia No. 33 via the Naxos Youtube Channel. Beautiful sound on this recording and Buono’s clear and relaxed playing hits the spot. Notice his faster bass runs are played with thumb and…

Emanuele Buono plays Quintetto op.143 by Tedesco

Good music, good player. I don’t know much about the Italian scene but glad to find this player. Emanuele Buono from Italy playing Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco Quintetto per chitarra e quartetto d’archi op.143. Quartetto Perosi: M.Bianchi, M.Coco, M.Redegoso, C.Merlo.