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Dilbert on the ten thousand hour rule

Dilbert on the ten thousand hour rule. Works well for music! Link/ Source: You can check out this Dilbert comic and more of Scott Adams here: www.dilbert.com

William Kanengiser plays Johanson

William Kanengiser plays The Magic Serenade by Bryan Johanson. Nice spoken introduction to the piece. via Youtube: “This video was recorded on January 31st, 2014 as part of the 2013-2014 Portland Classic Guitar Series. The piece was composed by Portland based composer Bryan…

Engage Classical Guitar Nails

I was playing scrabble while watching the classic Star Trek episode “timescape” yesterday and this (unfortunately?) appeared in my head. #dork  

Ferdinando Carulli – Best Sideburns Award

Carulli is good. If you think he’s boring then I think you’re boring. His music works very well on the guitar and is very effective period music and THAT is why he is freaking awesome. Plus, many of the duo…