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Pepe Romero Plays Sevillana Turina

Pepe Romero performs the introduction to Sevillana by Spanish composer Joaquin Turina (1882–1949) on a 1924 Miguel Rodriguez guitar. This comes via Guitar Salon International and their YouTube.

Pepe Romero Lesson: Rasgueado on Guitar

An impromptu lesson in rasgueado technique for guitar by Pepe Romero. Keep watching through to when he start playing. Romero has some impressive and strong rasgueado but keep close attention to his relaxation tips as that is the key! Watch…

Spotlight: Heike Matthiesen, guitarist

I’m very happy to present this spotlight and interview with guitarist Heike Matthiesen. Heike is very active online and at concerts, festivals, as well as recording. It’s a real pleasure getting to know such a great player and such a kind…