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The Best Clip-on Tuner for Classical Guitar

Review: D’Addario Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner Clip-On.Small and compact, I never take this tuner off the guitar. I’ve had it on there for over a year. Works great, only $11. Metronome is only visual which could be useful for some…

Interview with Jorg Graf of Graf Tuners

“An interview from June 2013 with Jorg Graf in Burnstown Ontario.” The folk over at Classical Guitar Training have a nice interview with Jorg Graf of Graf tuners. You can check out more videos by these guys at their YouTube…

Guitar tuners: how they work and some brief history

The title says it all. By reviewing the construction one can easily observe the inventive ideas created by Jorg Graf as well as his excellent attention to detail both as an engineer and a craftsman Source: Youtube – PatrickJamesKearney