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Seyoung Park plays Etude No.1 by Villa-Lobos

I enjoy posting a few videos every month on youth guitarists both to support them and to see how the younger generation is approaching the instrument and culture. One of the youth I’ve featured before and here again is Korean…

A Guitar Recital by Julian Bream

The legendary guitarist Julian Bream gives a recital of Bach, Villa-Lobos, Albeniz, and Britten. BBC 2, 1978 at Old Wardour Castle. 49 mins of video.

Tariq Harb Plays Villa-lobos, Giuliani, and Koshkin

The excellent Tariq Harb playing Villa-lobos, Giuliani, and Koshkin at a TEDx conference. Tariq Harb performs music by guitar giants; Villa-lobos, Giuliani and Koshkin. Harb is an internationally acclaimed and award winning classical guitarist. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading,…