Online Lessons for Classical Guitar (Webcam, Skype, Video Response)

Bradford Werner offers online lessons for classical guitar via webcam, Skype, or video response / feedback. I welcome students of all levels and ages from absolute beginners to high level players looking for performance feedback. It’s easy, just email me, find a time, and go. The lessons are friendly, productive, and educational. I believe every student should leave the lesson feeling optimistic and enthused. I look forward to working with you.

Contact Bradford:

Video Feedback Lessons  – Submit a video of yourself playing and receive a video response lesson and some written notes from Bradford. The video response lesson will be around 10-15 minutes long and will be positive and constructive. The response lesson will be an unlisted YouTube video so only you will see it. Submit your video to me either via download or unlisted on Youtube. I prefer that you submit some technique (scales, arpeggios) and one piece (preferably something from my site). Try to keep the video under 10-15 minutes. Cost: $90 CAND.

eBook Feedback Videos – An ungraded exam but all in a positive and encouraging format. A set of required technique and repertoire for each of my educational eBooks to let you know if you are ready for the next level or if you should go back and review. This will make sure you don’t go to the next book with any bad habits. It will also let you know what your are doing well with. You submit a video with all the materials and I’ll send you a video feedback and written adjudication. Cost $90 CAND.

Skype Lessons – I am currently full for Skype lessons but contact me for teacher recommendations.


Who offers the lessons?
Bradford Werner (your host here) offers lessons based on his availability. Overflow students might be recommended to other teachers.

What timezone will Bradford use?
All lessons will be scheduled by Pacific Standard Time and the Daylight Savings Time equivalent. In other words: the time of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

How are payments handled?
All payments are made through PayPal and are due before the lesson begins.

What are the rates?
The rates vary depending on the teacher, regularity of the lessons, and length of time. Please contact for more info. All rates will be in Canadian dollars so US customers essentially get 20% off!

What happens if the connection get interrupted? 
If our connection gets lost we can just try again in a few minutes. Refunds are available for the remaining minutes if the technology lets us down.

What Platform? 
Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facebook Messenger all work well.

I’m terrified of playing for you? Can I still take lessons?
Yes. We are professional teachers so making people feel comfortable and creating a positive educational experience is very important to us. We can start out with some warm-ups and small sections of your piece if you feel nervous.

What levels do you teach?
We teach a variety of levels and ages. Everything from beginners to professionals looking for feedback. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to gain from outside advice and opinions than we am happy to teach you.