John Schneiderman Plays Tarantelle by Mertz


John-SchneidermanJohn Schneiderman plays Tarantelle by Hungarian guitarist and composer Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856). Schneiderman is the real deal and certainly a multi-instrumentalist. Whether he’s on lute or guitar it’s always great playing. Here, Schneiderman is playing on a guitar by Hermann Hauser I, 1913. Via his YouTube channel.

He’s had a super interesting career as this quote from his bio page states: “Beginning his performance career as a banjo, guitar, bass and fiddle player, the young Schneiderman was a familiar face on the stages of bluegrass and folk festivals throughout California. He continues his interest in early American music performing traditional Appalachian fiddle tunes in a clawhammer style on the five-string banjo.”

I read on his bio page that he studied in the past with Fredrick Noad and Eugen Dombois. He has an extensive discography as well: John Schneiderman Albums on Amazon. Super interesting career, I’ll try to see if Schneiderman is up for an interview!

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